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Jacket Forming Line
M&E Line Up

  • Lock Seaming
  • Roll & Spot
    Welding Machine
  • Double
    Flanging Machine
  • Baffle Inserting & Multi
    Spot Welding Machine
  • Double Seaming

  • Roll & Spot Welding Machine HWRS-100

    Roll & Spot Welding M/C is to make a round or triangle body shell with steel sheet by roll pressing and spot welding .

    - Main Frame Unit,
    - Feeding Unit
    - Mandrel Tool Unit
    - Loading & Unloading Unit
    - Electric Control Unit
    - Hydraulic Power Control Unit
    Size 2840×2000×2450
    Control Type PLC Control Type
    Cooling Type Water Cooling Type
    Air Pressure 5~8kg/cm2
    Hydraulic Pump Motor 25HP, 10kW
    Tact Time 25~35sec

           Function & Feature